How To Create Your Perfect Garden

How would you go about creating your perfect garden? What ideas do you have that you would like to see come alive. Do you fancy the idea of a country style cottage garden with narrow winding pathways and fruit trees or would you rather see a grand splendour of lights, colour and clean-cut modern lines? Regardless of style, the best garden designs stem from those who inject personality into their landscaping ideas.

The first step is learning how to utilise the space you have. As the saying goes – it’s the size you have but what you do with it that counts. There couldn’t be a better statement in gardening terms. Many small town gardens have some truly stunning designs. In fact, in my town there is an annual ‘secret gardens’ day where local people open up their gardens for anyone to come and take a peak. There is also a prize for best three at the end of the day. It’s a large affair and although the number grows each year, there are usually around 200 participants and many more visitors.

Gardening is often described as an art form. I am no artist but I do love to look out of my window and see my work in all its glory. I consider myself very lucky as I live in a small village near the town that overlooks nothing but fields and a few houses dotted around. My garden is not particularly large and is a rather boring rectangular shape but this didn’t stop me creating a design that I am proud of. By using a rockery, a waterfall, curved flowerbeds, and small trees or bushes, it’s very easy to add shape to your garden and disguise any boring lines. Color is a matter of personal choice but in my design I have opted for a just a small amount of color as I prefer a modern look with gravel, potted plants, and of course my herb garden. I wanted to create the perfect yet practical place to invite friends around for a barbeque or garden party. It is for this reason I chose to add my color in the form of lighting which I can use all year round and not worry about which plants will be in bloom.

When planning your garden design, start by writing a list of all the things you like. Are you one for barbeques? Do you like to cook with fresh herbs? Do you need a low maintenance option? Do you prefer dainty flowers or clean-cut modern lines with an organised look? If you have a family with young children you will obviously need to keep your garden design practical and allow somewhere for them to play.

After doing this, split your garden into at least two sections to incorporate all of your ideas. Just to note here, a good way of joining different sections of your garden seamlessly is with a pergola. They can usually be constructed by a competent D.I.Y’er, and a great look can be achieved at a reasonable price.

Getting all of your ideas and plans in place all comes down to imagination. It may be hard work in the beginning but your time and patience will be more than worth the wait.